Advice 1: How to find your account

To communicate in social networks, you must create your account by clicking pre-register. To exit the profile, click the "Exit" button, then you will be on the home page where you will need to login again to enter your credentials.
How to find your account
You will need
  • check on the website or in an email;
  • - login;
  • password.
From one of computer to go to different pages of the same website to all users that have access to a PC. As a rule, a login is performed from the main page, where in a special field, you must enter the username and password specified during registration in the social network (email).
Moreover, the main role is played when entering the username as the password if you ever forget it you can recover. Login the situation is more complicated. Although in this case there is a solution. But you will need to use the option "I don't remember login". In this case you may need to enter the email address. Also if it is possible to contact the customer support.
Facilitates the entrance to the site the AutoSave feature is user accounts. It's enough to put a tick in the box next to "Save password". In addition, you can use advanced settings of Internet browsers, most of which offers to automatically save all entered account to log on to the sites, to e-mail. Then you don't need to waste time typing a username and password. But these methods are acceptable only in the case where the computer runs one person.
If a few users, it is safest to abandon the auto-backup feature that will help to eliminate unauthorized access to your personal information. Then to log into the social network or e-mail each time you have to enter your credentials.
Not to forget the login and password, write them down in a special notebook or a text document saved in a folder of your computer. Never leave the file with a password, and other personal data on your desktop.
From time to time for the safety of your account, change your password. And never click on unknown links that come from unknown users and your friends with the suggestion to look at that page. Typically, these methods use the spammers and hackers.

Advice 2: How to find a person, if you know the name, surname and patronymic

If you need to find the person you know by name, patronymic and surname, you can do this via the Internet. Now many people have personal pages on social networks. In addition, there are special resources dedicated to people search.
How to find a person, if you know the name, surname and patronymic
Start your search at social networking. If you are not registered in the "Classmates", "Vkontakte", "My world," create your account. Also, do not overlook foreign social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. In the search bar, which is usually located at the top of the page, enter a name, a patronymic and a surname of the wanted man and press Enter.
The search can also be done on blog platforms. In the Russian segment of the Internet popular resources: "Living magazine", Diary.Ru and LiveInternet. Here you should also enter the data of a wanted person in the search bar. Note that sometimes the diaries are recorded on the real name of the user, written in Latin letters.
Use Internet messengers. This is a special program that allows you to send individual messages over the Internet or to communicate through a telephony network. Download and install on your computer programs ICQ and Skype. Sign up in instant messengers and use the search function by name.
Enter the name, patronymic and surname of the wanted man in the working line search engines: Google, Yahoo, Yandex or Rambler. Press Enter. Carefully review the search results. Perhaps you will get information about where he worked or studied wanted man. You can also go to his personal website or find articles and other works published under his name.
Try to find a man with the help of specialized sites, for example or the Internet resource of the television program "Wait for me". Sign up on the website and leave a message with your name and the name of your missing friend.
Take advantage of free and paid help telephone services to obtain the telephone number of the wanted man.

Advice 3: How to find a person by phone number online

On the Internet you can find almost everything, including to look for the information about the desired person. If you don't know how to find a person by telephone number online, it's time to learn how to do it.
How to find a person by phone number online
The main place to search people by phone in online social networks. So, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte are asked to confirm your account through your mobile. Though these rooms are not free, but such information still POPs up. Perhaps you will find an account of a man on his phone if he stated it on his page. For this you need only to register in the relevant social networks and enter the phone in the search bar.
If you are unable to find someone number online in the popular social networks, continue to work with the search engines. Since different search engines index pages differently, do not despair if you do not find the subscriber through one of them. Try to contact Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail Enter the phone in ten digit format without spaces, using dashes, using 8 or +7 (for Russia), through the spaces between groups of numbers, so how can a person leave your number in the ad on the forum, in the comments, which require a website or based on their convenience.
On the Internet you can also download the database of telephone numbers of people and punch the name with address is there. However, such a database is not always correct. This is due to the rapid obsolescence of information.
At your own risk you can try to turn the pages of specialized sites that provide services of search person by number. Theoretically such information could be available to hackers for those cooperating with law enforcement authorities or operators. Practically in most cases, such search queries, and paid by SMS, or does not receive an answer, or sent inaccurate information. If you do decide to find a person by phone number online through such sites before you part with your money, try to find reviews on the relevant resource.

Advice 4: How to delete your account with facebook

Deletion or deactivation of your account from the social network Facebook can be difficult. For complete removal you need to clean your page from all of the data to be sure that the account is completely and permanently removed from the social network.
How to delete your account with facebook
As in any social network, to disappear from view Feisbuk difficult. All the popular web services are interested in the greatest possible number of users and are very reluctant to part with each one. Therefore, the deletion of an account with your data, contacts and messages are always difficult. With one click, this operation may not be possible.

Not deleting and deactivating

Taking the decision to delete your account on Facebook, you should know that all your data does not disappear. On the server of this social network all your photos, friends list and messages are stored for an unlimited period of time. On the one hand, it will help to recover your account at any time, it is necessary only to wish to return.

On the other hand, your data, comments, posts, and your social circle continues, so to speak, "in reserve". Suddenly you will suddenly interest the US state Department or become a well-known figure: the President of All the Land or character of sensation. Then information about you on Facebook will be invaluable, will become a commodity.

Magic button "Delete account"

Become a member of any social network easily. But to leave it to leave harder. The button "Delete account" you have to look.

Under "All settings" find the line "Security". At the bottom of the small blue menu bar is "Deactivate account". Note that "deactivate," not delete.

Click on this link and land on a village form, which you will have to fill. But first you will tell your friends and remember that they will all be very bored of you.

Fill out the form, indicate the reasons for desire to leave Facebook. Put a tick if you do not want to receive notices in the mail, and click "Confirm".

This method will not remove your account forever. It would only hide the page from prying eyes, deactivates it. You will be able to recover at any time. Time limit does not exist.

Permanently deleting your account

In order to completely remove the account from the social network Facebook, will have to go a different, more complicated way. In the "Help" section, in the query "What can we do to help" dial "delete account forever".

Read how is deactivation of your account. About complete removal may not be a word, though more recently such a button existed. But maybe you'll get lucky and this is a secret button will appear in the message.

And, it would be better if you take some preliminary measures.

To completely be removed from this social network, you can perform a thorough cleaning. Go in groups where you participate, put "dislike", delete all photos, contacts, personal data, all the comments. Everything what can reach.

The page must remain empty. Be sure to save the changes. Will require password confirmation. If the password is lost, would first have to restore it.

After all these manipulations, your account will be ready for removal. On the security tab remove account at click "Send".

Preliminary preparation of the account for deletion – it is a guarantee that your information will not be stored for some obscure purposes indefinitely long time on Facebook and will not be used against you.
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