To sanctify the machine in any of the Orthodox parishes, it is enough to approach with this request to the priest. It is best to agree in advance about your intention to register for a certain time in the Church shop in the temple. Fixed price for the consecration of the car (apartment, office, etc.) usually does not exist. The owner decides, in accordance with its financial capacity how much it can donate and pay to the cashier.
Before the consecration of the vehicle specifically for this fasting is not required. Woman preferably a head cover, though it is not a crucial condition.
Make sure that your car has been pre-washed. A priest could at the time of the consecration, he sprinkled the car with Holy water, the consecration need to come with a clean interior and empty the trunk.
Fit the car to the Church, open the doors, hood and trunk of the car. The priest read a few prayers and then sprinkled her with Holy water. On the front of the car with a magnet or glue is attached to the icon (it can be purchased in advance at the Church store or shop).
At the consecration of the car, the priest asks for God to grant to him an angel to save travelling. It should be remembered that the consecration of any one thing is a dedication to her God. Therefore, only the external and ritual part is not enough in order to an accident. Employees must also match this internally.
After this ceremony in the car not to swear, smoke, drink alcohol. After all, sanctifying his car, the owner thereby agrees not to make in her immoral acts. Therefore, the machine needs to have an icon and keep the images light-hearted content, to transport items that are dangerous to other people. Moreover, driving is not desirable to listen to vulgar or heavy music, and foul language after the violators. Otherwise, the consecration does not make sense.