Advice 1: How to sprinkle the house with Holy water

Sprinkle and clean the house Holy water in two ways: by inviting a priest or independently. To sprinkle the home yourself, you need to know all the details of this procedure in advance to prepare for it. It is very important to perform all steps in the correct sequence.
How to sprinkle the house with Holy water
Before sprinkling the house with Holy water, must clean all the things, wash Windows, floors, dusting, clean mirrors, wash curtains. The rooms should not be unnecessary items and clutter. Cleaning can be carried out on any day except Sunday.
Make sure rooms have ample light. It is impossible to sprinkle the house with closed curtains. Sprinkle the housing better on Sunday. Before that, it is advisable to visit the temple and take the blessing from the priest. The sprinkling of the dwelling can be carried out without a blessing.
Before you start the process, you must wash your hands. The loan must pour the Holy water in a clean bowl. Keep in mind that under no circumstances do not use bowls that had been touched by the animals. It is best to buy a new bowl. Getting to the sprinkling of the houseand need to read the prayer on the blessed things.
Start sprinkling from the red corner. Red corner is located in the Central room diagonally from the entrance. In the red corner should be the iconostasis, or icon. You need to get up in front of the corner, scoop up the right hand a little Holy water, the cross-shaped spray angle and say the following: "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy spirit. Amen."
Then you need to work around the room clockwise and similarly sprinkle the remaining corners, walls, ceiling and floor. Be careful not to step on the drops of water falling on the floor. Holy water should not fall under the shoes. It is best to remove shoes before sprinkling and carry out the procedure barefoot. After sprinkling the room, read the prayer to the venerable Cross".
After sprinkling the center of the room will stain exactly the same rest rooms, kitchen, bathroom and hallway. In the bathroom you need to sprinkle only the angles. Toilet Holy water is not sprinkled. Sprinkling the entire apartment, read a prayer to the Martyr Blaise, Bishop of Sebaste".
Once you have sprinkled the whole house, on every wall and above the door draw a cross. Use the chalk or pencil. They too must be dealt with in the order of lighting things.
If you moved to a new house, be sure to sprinkle the Holy water and clean. Hang in the red corner, the icon of the Mother of God or Savior. Light the candle and read the prayer on the blessed things. Then sprinkle the whole house. New home sprinkling Holy water is the same as sprinkling of that dwelling in which you live.

Advice 2: How to use Holy water

Holy water is a great Christian Shrine, so the attitude of the Christian should be very reverent and pious. The water may be sanctified in the temples and the spring. At the request of the people the priest can bless the water at almost any time, since it has a certain rank. Christian needs to know how to use Holy water in their needs.
How to use Holy water

Scientists the scientific method proved that the consecrated water changes its quality. After the grace of sanctification it has healing properties that it has been observed by Christians since the first centuries.

The most common use of Holy water is its ingestion. Holy water can be drunk in a variety of diseases and ailments. It is necessary to know that Holy water must be taken with prayer and reverence. There are recommendations, what to drink Holy water, preferably on an empty stomach. However, nobody forbids to use this great Shrine and in the evening, when it was a few meals.

When a person takes in the morning Holy Eucharist, antidoron or that Shrine, it is recommended to drink Holy water with reverence and prayer.

There is a practice of adding Holy water in food. This is done for the grace of sanctification of food. However, it is necessary to add so much that it didn't hurt the dish itself.

Except that Holy water you can drink in the disease, it is recommended to anoint the sick place, and sometimes even to wash. In diseases of the joints, you can wet the bandage in the Holy water and put a bandage (these recommendations can give the clergy).

Holy water not only to drink for healing and shared the grace of sanctification, to use when adding to food. There is a tradition of sprinkling Holy water on houses and apartments. This Shrine is used by the priest for the consecration of the home or other items. The Church does not prohibit the practice of sprinkling Holy water on their houses and apartments, so some religious people do that sometimes.

Christian needs to take care to this unique divine gift and to keep Holy water in the appropriate place, for example, next to the icons.

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