Open the main system menu of your computer by pressing the "start" button to initiate determine the IP address of the interlocutor in Skype and click "Run." Enter the value taskmgr in the Open box, and authorize the execution of the command line utilities "Windows task Scheduler" by pressing the OK button.
Open menu "View" of the upper service panel and specify Select columns. Sub-item select the PID (Process Idetifier) and confirm your selection by pressing the OK button. Define the string value Skype.exe and remember the ID of the found process.
Return to the main system menu "start" and run the "Run." Enter the value of cmd in the text box "Open" and click OK to confirm the tool was run "Command prompt".
Enter the value -0 netstat | grep сохраненный_PID_процесса_Skype.exe and authorize the execution of a given command by pressing a function key, Enter. Determine the IP addresses of all subscribers online and interrupt the connection to be determined by the subscriber. Re-connection for full confidence in a specific IP address of the interlocutor.
Open settings in your existing firewall and try to send any file to the subscriber whose IP address you want to define. View the network address of packets sent to locate (this method will be effective only with the direct file upload).
Download and install on a computer dedicated application Unmask QIP designed to facilitate and automate the definition of IP address of the interlocutor in applications QIP and QIP Infium. Launch the application and specify two IP addresses of the ICQ servers in the log the bottom of the screen of the computer monitor. Give the caller any file to setup a direct connection and define the desired IP address.