You will need
  • - PC running Windows operating system;
  • - access to the Internet.
Open site In the line "Copy target URL", enter the network address, for example, Click on "Generate IPLOGGER-url". Service IPLOGGER website will retain all the URLS that will go on the above website link and record the date and time of visits.
Select the user whose IPaddress you want to know and send him the web link specified in the first field. Review the messages and make sure that you do not have any tags. Specify the directory on your computer (e.g. desktop or My documents) and copy the ID of the IPLOGGER to be displayed at the bottom of the page. With it, you will be able to track visits.
Enable the "View statistics". If the person you sent the message, passed by reference, then the list will display its network coordinates. If the list is empty, after a few minutes, refresh the page by clicking on the relevant item or by pressing the keyboard F5 button.
If you want to know the IP address of the specific user on the forum, no need to click on the web link. Send the recipient a private message with the invisible IPLOGGER-picture, clicking on the website the item "Generate an invisible IPLOGGER".
Copy your blog link from the first field, and the code from the second into a message required by the user. Opening the message, it will not detect anything suspicious because the picture is for the recipient to remain invisible.
Go to the website and select "View statistics". If no entries exist, refresh the page. As soon as the user opens your digital message, the table statistics will appear the IP address.