You will need
  • - computer or Communicator;
  • - connect to the Internet.
Log in to your mailbox directly on the website or use the mail fetcher. You are interested in open the email in your email Inbox. Then depending on the box or collector:

• In Outlook Express: in the menu "File", click "Properties" (or on the keyboard press the key combination Alt+Enter) in the opened window select the tab "Details".

• Yandex-mail –in the header of letters to find the "extras" menu, select "Properties of writing".

• – in the upper right corner in the header of the letter click on the little triangle pointing downwards, in the opened menu, select "Show original".

• М – in the header of the letter in "More" menu, select "Utility headers".

• In the mail on Rambler - in the upper right corner click on the "more actions", select "message Headers".

• KM.RU – click on menu "RFC Title".

• – click on the settings button (it is drawn by the gear) and select "Full header."
Look closely at the received headers service. Find lines like:

X-Yaschik-FolderName: Vhodyashchie

Received: from ([])

by with LMTP id XEb4f4Io

for ; Thu, 4 Aug 2011 17:33:14 +0400

Received: from ( [])

by (nwsmtp/Yaschik) with ESMTP id XDF0s9d0;

Thu, 4 Aug 2011 17:33:13 +0400
A sequence of four groups of numbers separated by dots in square brackets located in the line beginning with “Received:from” – this is the IP address.
The IP address of the sender, as a rule, indicated in the list of the most recent. In this example, the sender address is The above identified IP address of the mail service (, where it was delivered this letter. Such addresses may be listed more than.
Depending on the features of the email program used to send and receive email messages, the text of the list of service titles might look slightly different, and the lines of the field "Received:from" will be located at the beginning of the text and closer to the end.
Use to gather more information about sender any of the existing network of free services. On the page of most of these services in a special box, enter the numbers of the IP address and click on the search button. But there are also free services that allows you to determine exactly what the sender email in which the key information you need to copy the header from an entire mail or e-mail address from which the letter came. As a result, you will be able to know the geographical position of the sender (or, at least, the geographical position and the name of its provider), information about host and domain.