The need to know the location of the remote machine can occur in a variety of cases – for example, when a suspicious connection to your computer. Check the list of connections using the netstat–aon command by typing it at the command line. In the column "Foreign address" will be the ip address with which it was connected or is connected to your computer.
To determine the I. p. of the site is easiest by using the ping command entered on the command line in the format: ping SITENAME. For example, in order to find out Ah-PI Google, type in command prompt: ping and press Enter. Will start pinging the site in the first lines you will see its ip address.
To find out where the computer is located, use one of the network services providing the relevant services. For example, this: Select "Geocoding", enter the ip address, press "Display on map". You will see a map that shows the physical location of the computer.
You should know that this method of definition does not always allow you really to establish the location of the computer. For example, you know Ah-pee your interlocutor or figured outthat your computer is connected hacker. Typing the ip address in the above service, you get the point on the map, but it is really you is of little use – at least because your friend or a hacker can use a proxy server, whose whereabouts you know.
To determine whether a given Ah-PI the address of the proxy server, use Enter the ip in the box to the RIPE Database, and you will get sufficient information about a particular address. However, in the best case it will be address of the provider. To know the specific address and name of the person you don't really like to give you this information provider is not entitled.