Open the front car door on the driver side with the key. Under the instrument panel ("torpedo") on the left side is the lever to open the hood. Pull it – the hood opens. Very often on the doors and the hood of car owners put an electronic lock that can be opened only with the key FOB control. In its long-term use to open the door mechanically usually do not get. So be sure from time to time the larvae spin a regular key.
Check the condition of the steel cable opening the hoodand looking under the instrument panel. If he broke away from the handle, then clamp the cord end with pliers and pull. The hood should open. If the cable came off the lever, slide it and pull up. The hood opens effortlessly.
Try to reach the rope opening the hoodand through the grille. Push through it a hook made of thin wire. Hook the cable, pull it to itself and pull. If grille mesh, then gently push it inside and reach out a hand to the rope. Some of the Toyota models on the lip of the bumper there is a jumper. Get some pliers, a few (two or three). Between reach, reach for the back of the castle the hood. Pull slightly with a small screwdriver in the cable, which is attached to this place. Ask another person this time click on the front edge of the cover hood. Then the lock will open much easier.
The cause of natkrivene the hoodand can be freezing in the cold or water in the jacket of the cable. In this case, take a hair dryer and aim a jet of warm air through the radiator grill for ten minutes. Please note that Parking is best done with household hair dryer. Very hot air powerful mounting of the dryer on cold will trigger the swelling of the paint of the car.