Discuss with current customers, their goals and needs. Make sure that your sports program is producing tangible results, and visitors are all happy. Otherwise, expand it, or eliminate unnecessary. Also find out how many sessions per week clients are considered optimal.
Improve and enrich the services offered. If you feel that the clients of the club began to lose interest in sports training and even to terminate their visit, immediately come up with something new. Increase coaches, open new sections, update the weights. The environment should have to the intensive and interesting lessons.
Create a business card. Make sure you have provided all the necessary contacts for reliable communication method with you. Go around all the agencies in the County that could be useful for you. Please refer to the visitors of the clinics, health food stores massage parlors, swimming pools with your proposal. Leave business cards on the desks of administrators.
Create a special referral program for current clients. Offer them a free training or other services provided that they will draw in new visitors.
Take advantage of the various opportunities for advertising. Sign up for free resources on the Internet specializing in advertising sports products and services and place your ad. Consider replacing the name of the club into a more attractive, create new signs. Think about moving to a more prestigious area, where you can find potential customers.
Please, report your activities to friends, relatives and acquaintances. Let everyone know what you are looking for new customers. Information spreads very fast, and gradually you will learn all new and new people.