Group classes in fitness clubs are conducted under the guidance of a coach. It is possible to allocate some General areas: aerobic classes, strength, mixed format, dance, Body & Mind, water. To choose the right kind of exercise, you first need to consult with your doctor for possible contraindications, then simply try to visit different classes and see what you like best. Something may not work, but don't be shy, because everyone had to start somewhere. Please note that many classes have several levels, both for beginners and for advanced.
The names of lessons may vary in different fitness clubs.

1. Classic aerobics, sometimes it is also called Low. Combinations of steps with dance elements are performed without the use of additional equipment.

2. Step. Is aerobics on a step-platform. The lesson is very dynamic, using different types of steps, each of which has its own name. When working with step-platform is important to observe the technique: knees should be slightly bent, otherwise increases the load on the knee joint. If you came to step-aerobics for the first time, visit first basic lesson, where practiced the basic steps. At advanced levels (step 2,3) movements are performed at a fast pace with complex choreography, so that the novice can get hurt. But step is one of the most fascinating occupations.

3. Cycle. Held in a room equipped with special stationary bikes, which established the position of the steering wheel, seat and resistance level. The class usually lasts 45 minutes, during which changing the rate of rotation of the pedals, resistance and body position. There are several levels of the cycle for varying degrees of proficiency: basic, C2, C3, interval. The main indicator is the pulse measured several times during the lesson.

4. Tai-Bo. A very dynamic and challenging lesson, use elements of Thai Boxing. Trains endurance and coordination.

Strength training.
1. Body sculpt. This activity is aimed at the harmonious development of muscle mass and burning excess fat. Exercises on all muscle groups using various equipment: body bars and dumbbells with light weight, rubber shock absorbers. The class is held in a fast pace, without pauses between exercises. Beginners should take the equipment of minimal weight and to closely monitor technology, which shows the coach.

2. Upper body and Lower Body. Activities for the development and strengthening of the muscles of the upper body and lower body respectively. Use the same equipment as in the classroom for all groups of muscles.

3. Pump. Develop all muscle groups and form a beautiful relief. Exercises are performed in slow tempo, using a large weight. Particularly important here is proper technique.

4. FT — functional training. All exercises are performed mainly with its own weight, the equipment is used less or not used at all. This is one of the most effective types of exercises.

Combined streams.
Step & Sculpt, interval or session. There is an alternation of power exercises and perform combinations on the step. Pulse for all classes is high. Recommended for those who want to quickly get rid of excess weight.

The dance styles.
It's aerobics with elements of different dance styles: Latin, Oriental dance, strip-dance, hip-hop. The most important thing is not so much to accurately repeat all the steps, how to get aerobic exercise, learn to control your body and to enjoy the movement.

Body & Mind.
Classes are not only aimed at improving the body, but to harmonize the inner state. It's yoga, Pilates, fitball. These lessons are recommended for people with diseases of the spine and joints, as well as expectant mothers.

The key to success is regularity, going to classes at the fitness club is better at least 3-4 times a week. A large number of different directions will make your workouts varied and exciting. Exercise and be healthy!