Remove all money from your electronic purse, including penny. For closing the account balance must be completely zero. This can be achieved by withdrawing electronic money at the expense of a real Bank, paying for their goods and services or transferred to the wallets of other resources.
Contact the resource. This can be done by clicking on the link "contact us" located near the bottom of the main page "Yandex. Money" - the link you will find fields to fill in. Specify them in the theme of treatment is most suitable topic "Another topic". In the "What happened" to specify your requirement on the closure of the purse and its causes. Next, you will need the number of your account in the system and e-mail address, to which was attached a purse. After specifying these data, click on the "Send" button. Also you can find more information about the closure of the accountsby calling the telephone number listed as the contact at the bottom of the home page.
Wait for a response from the administration. According to the rules of the resource, your request must be reviewed and completed within ten working days. At this time, do not use the wallet. When it is closed, you will be notified by e-mail.
The basis for a more rapid cancellation of the contract can be changes made to the user agreement by the operator - head system. In this case, your application will be considered within three days. To learn about changes you can either from section "User agreement", or from the news site that posted regularly.