Advice 1: How to check balance on Yandex-money

To pay in online shops or on various websites, you need e-wallet. To check the balance on such a purse in system "Yandex.Money in two ways.
How to check balance on Yandex-money
Yandex.Money is a convenient e – wallet that you can receive royalties from various companies, customers, employers online. With the help of it you can pay for goods and services on the Internet. This service is extremely simple.

Check the balance online

Using your Yandex.Mail or search engine, find "Yandex.Money", enter your username and password and log in to the system. On the left side, directly under the icon system, is your account in "Yandex.Money", and under it large numbers written in the balance sheet. Details of his purchases or payments into the account, you can look in sections "History" and "Payments" located just below.

If you want to know more about the balance, click balance. You will see a small box in which appear the lines "Available", "In queue" and "Debt".

Available balance

The money that you have in the account at the moment – this is your available balance. You can use it on whatever you want: to transfer to the Bank to pay for goods in the online store, or transfer them to another account in "Yandex.Money." For anonymous users, the amount may not exceed 15,000 rubles, while authenticated users have the right to keep counts up to 100,000 rubles. The same amounts are limited to all occasional transactions from these users.

The turn of the replenishment

In that case, if the anonymous user has received on account the sum more than 15000 rubles, the balance goes into the section "account queued". Let's say you transferred 20,000, but you are not an authorized user. The money, of course, is not going anywhere, but first on account we will display the maximum available amount: 15000 rubles. When you spend part of the funds from the account, the amount of queue will be added to your actual account.


This negative balance in your account. This may appear after purchases with your card "Yandex.The money or withdrawing money with her ATM, if you have exceeded the limit. Usually it happens because of technical failure of the system. The following sums credited to the account will be used to cover debts.

Check the balance with card

If you are the owner of a special card "Yandex.The money linked to your account, to check balances you can. Just use any ATM and check the account status even apart from the e-wallet. The money from the account in "Yandex.The money is immediately credited to the card, so you'll always know about the current status of your account.

Advice 2: How to replenish the balance of each

The modern development of cellular communication has led to the fact that the mobile phone has become the integral part of the workflow, and just leisure. But often at the wrong time the money runs out.
How to replenish the balance of each
If on account of the mobile phone of your friend ran out of money, you can replenish its balance in different ways. Take advantage of our special services transfer of funds from the account of one subscriber to another. Different operators these operations are performed in different ways.For subscribers of the Megaphone should do the following:
*133*amount of transfer*telephone number (in the format 792ХХХХХХХХ)#call.
For subscribers of MTS, do the following:
* 112*phone number (format 9ХХХХХХХХ)*amount of transfer # call.
For subscribers of Beeline, do the following:
*145*phone number*amount of transfer# call.
You can also refill the balance other via the terminals. Select the desired mobile operator. Enter the phone number, then Deposit your money. Note that different terminals takes a different Commission.
The money on a mobile phone can be listed with the e-wallet, for example, through Yandex-money. Go to your virtual wallet. Choose the function "Pay" - "Mobile communications". Next you need to enter the phone number in the format 9ХХХХХХХХХ and a desired amount of money. The name of the payment.
Balance friend, you can fill in the offices of mobile operators. This operation can be performed in the offices of any of the operators (MegaFon, MTS, Beeline). The percentage of the Deposit in this case is not taken.
You can add money via credit card. Depending on the Bank it is different. The easiest way is to pay via ATM. Insert the card and select the payment function of mobile communication. Often the transaction takes the percentage.
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