You will need
  • banking card of any Bank,
  • - computer with Internet access.
Register in the system Yandex Money. For registration you can use the web interface, you have to register on Yandexe-log website On the same site, download the free program "online wallet", install it on your computer. Using an online wallet you can manage your virtual money. You can Deposit money into this account in any convenient way, and after the wallet to produce any RAaccounts. If you wish, you can always exchange Internet money for real.
After you install Internet-purse and run it, you need to bind to the accountfrom a Bank card. In order to do this, record the number of your Yandexwallet, find your nearest ATM Alfa-Bank, insert the Bank card of any Bank and start the pairing process. After receiving the transaction number, you have 48 hours to visit the site Yandex Money and enter the number. To accountyou can link only one card.
Go to replenish the accountand attached card and enter the amount you wish to Fund your account. The minimum Deposit amount is 300 rubles, the Commission for the replenishment of the accountand to 3.25%. After the system checks the correctness of the entered amount, you will be redirected to a special page that is protected from unauthorized access in accordance with PCI DSS requirements. Enter the data linked to the wallet card on this page – this check is needed in order to have your map was protected from the unauthorized debit. After you confirm the completion of the purse for that amount, the funds will be debited from your card and will appear on the invoicee Yandex Money.
After all the necessary procedures will be performed, go to your online wallet, select the tab "Pay" and in the opened window enter the number of the accountand that you need to transfer money. The system asks you to enter the payment password that you specified during registration. Enter the password and account in the system Yandex Money will be paid.