You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • cable TV;
  • - DVD-ROM.
View old editions of the Comedy Club on the Internet. If you have a computer with Internet access, and good speed, the problem with viewing them over the network. First and foremost, check out the official website of the TV channel TNT, which comes out this transfer - On this page you will find a lot of old software releases, as well as those of their variants, which were not included in the broadcast.
Check out the page if you are looking for a specific edition of the program Comedy Club. In the upper left corner in the search bar, enter the program name and approximate title of issue that you require (for example, "Georgian alphabet" or the "Group lip"). Press "Enter" and enjoy watching your favorite release.
Another way of viewing old editions of the Comedy Club implies you have a cable TV. After all, the official TV channel of the transmission - "Comedy TV" is a cable. It broadcasts around the clock old editions not only of the program "Comedy Club" and "Lethal League", "Lady of Comedy" and variety programs of its own production ("Comedy news", "Comedy travel" and others).
Go to the nearest DVD shop. Almost any of them today, you can find a series of discs released by Comedy Club Production. They also contain a lot of old issues of the program Comedy Club. By purchasing the entire series (ten to fifteen disks), you will not get the opportunity to miss the funniest moments.