Advice 1: How to watch "Comedy club"

The show "Comedy club", coming out on the Russian screens since 2005, enjoys great popularity among viewers. There are several ways through which you can watch this transmission.
How to watch "Comedy club"
One of the simplest options is to view the "Comedy club" on TV. Broadcasting this show carries the TV channel "TNT". To know the exact time of the airing, check the schedule of TV programs. This can be done in several ways. First – using a magazine or newspaper, which are placed in their editions of the schedule. Second – with the help of Teletext. However, not all models support its work. A third option is to find the schedule online, for example, on the website
In addition to the TV channel "TNT" show program "Comedy club" carries out channel Comedy TV. It was specially created by the producer center Comedy Club Production-broadcast editions of "Comedy club", and other related materials. This channel can only be viewed by the subscribers of satellite and cable TV packages it is added to. These include the "Tricolor TV, NTV-plus, rainbow-TV", "Beeline TV", "AKADO".
The next version of the preview editions of "Comedy club" – the official website of the TV channel "TNT". Navigate in your web browser at, go to "Programs" and select the Comedy Club, or just go to Select one of the sections ("Announcements", "Releases", "Thumbnail", "will Not be broadcast", "Seasons"), based on what you want to watch. On the next page click on any video and then click on the appropriate icon on the video to play.
Another option is to use one of the services for watching online video, for example, the famous YouTube. To watch "Comedy club" on the official channel TNTRussia:

Advice 2 : How to watch old editions of the Comedy club

View hilarious TV shows raise your spirits for the whole day. But, unfortunately, favourite of them show every day. For example, the Comedy Club goes on the weekends, but on weekdays there is the opportunity to see his old editions.
How to watch old editions of the Comedy club
You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • cable TV;
  • - DVD-ROM.
View old editions of the Comedy Club on the Internet. If you have a computer with Internet access, and good speed, the problem with viewing them over the network. First and foremost, check out the official website of the TV channel TNT, which comes out this transfer - On this page you will find a lot of old software releases, as well as those of their variants, which were not included in the broadcast.
Check out the page if you are looking for a specific edition of the program Comedy Club. In the upper left corner in the search bar, enter the program name and approximate title of issue that you require (for example, "Georgian alphabet" or the "Group lip"). Press "Enter" and enjoy watching your favorite release.
Another way of viewing old editions of the Comedy Club implies you have a cable TV. After all, the official TV channel of the transmission - "Comedy TV" is a cable. It broadcasts around the clock old editions not only of the program "Comedy Club" and "Lethal League", "Lady of Comedy" and variety programs of its own production ("Comedy news", "Comedy travel" and others).
Go to the nearest DVD shop. Almost any of them today, you can find a series of discs released by Comedy Club Production. They also contain a lot of old issues of the program Comedy Club. By purchasing the entire series (ten to fifteen disks), you will not get the opportunity to miss the funniest moments.
By accessing dubious sites with lots of advertising, you risk infecting your computer with viruses. Watch for Windows opening independently on top of or over you are viewing page.
Useful advice
Today many sites offers viewing old editions of the Comedy Club. For example,,
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