The best movie

"Best film" - this is a parody Comedy of the Russian production, released in 2007. The film is a product of TNT and was filmed with the participation of the residents of Comedy Club. One of the lead actors – Garik Kharlamov – part-time is a film producer. Among other participants of Comedy Club, you notice Timur Batrutdinov, Dmitry Khrustalyov and Oleg Vereshchagin. The film itself can be called a parody of "scary movie" and "Very epic cinema", also filmed in the genre of parody. After the first parody film, which grossed in the first days more than 400 million rubles, the filmmakers were inspired to create two more parts.

The best film - 2

The plot of the 2009 film – the idea of the film "Heat". The four friends - the Sailor (Kharlamov), Major (Vereshchagin), Actor (Batrutdinov) and dimati (Khrustalev) meet in Moscow after a long absence to celebrate a birthday Majeure. But the unforeseen happens – a Major kidnapped and asked for his release a solid a ransom of 1 million euros. Realizing that Major to be saved, the friends go in search of money.

The whole movie the audience is watching to see how careless friends are trying to find the money. The actor tries to earn money by participating in various TV shows – here you can see a parody of "Malakhov +" and "Dom-2". A sailor travels to St. Petersburg, where like alcoholics from Moscow to sell someone's house and buy another (a direct reference to the film "Irony of fate" and "Irony of fate -2"). Throughout the film the characters get into funny situations, and the plot constantly echoes with other movies. Among the objects of the parodies used in "the best film – 2" such famous Russian films as "the Twelve," "the Island, "We from the future" and others.

Despite the high box office, "the best film -2" was subjected to serious criticism from both professionals and ordinary viewers. Criticized mainly for lack of acting and "toilet" humor Comedy Club parties and other actors of TNT.

Other films with the residents of Comedy Club

After a rather successful film by the Comedy became interested in other projects. Famous humorist Sergei Svetlakov lit up in Christmas "Christmas Trees" appeared in the melodramatic Thriller Vyacheslav Kaminsky "Stone". The actor also participated in such Comedy films as "the Jungle" and "Bitter".

Other residents also never miss a chance to appear on wide screens: Paul Will, in addition to "best film", played in the film "the Bride at any cost" and "Office romance – our time", and Alexander Revva, starred in two roles in the Comedy "the Understudy".