Characteristics of conditions of labour of the employee is typically written in a special form, although the blank form for this document is not required. So, at the top of the sheet (blank) specify the personal data of the employee: full name, year of birth, address, telephone number, location (or locations) of study, their specialty. Also indicate whether the employee rewards and incentives study.
Next, make a brief description of previous employment of the employee. Specify as much detail as possible, where previously worked, the employee characterized by what he posts he held, had there been any translations into other (lighter) work in connection with diseases. Also write whether the employee occupational injuries, not whether he suffers from occupational diseases.
The next item, specify the specialty for which the employee works at your company. Make a feature of the work performed by the staff member. Usually this characteristic specifies the following factors: the length of the workday and workweek; work schedule (shift or not, the duration of the change, is there a night shift); the amount of time that worker during the day spends standing on her feet; the average weight of cargo that a daily (weekly, monthly) employee raises; will there be a lunch break; what is the temperature in the working room and much more.
Next, specify whether there are harmful factors that may affect the employee during the working day. If harmful factors are, write, what are the factors (e.g., increased noise), and is there a possibility to remove them. Lock, goes whether the employee is on official business. If you ride, indicate how often he does it, and what is the average duration of business trips of the employee.
Mark, is there a possibility to transfer the employee to easier work. If possible, specify by what date the transfer of an employee to another job can be done.
Further, the document must be signed by the head of HR, head of legal Department, a staff doctor of the company (if any) and the head of the company. Stamp, and characteristics of conditions of labour ready.