At a time when the girl and guy start Dating, huge value can have every little thing. We should not think that the boys are less than girls, tend to pay attention to the various nuances of the behavior of his lady. Young people notice everything: how I looked, how he smiled, what was your reaction to a particular phrase. Often girls admit the same mistake: waiting to hear from a guy warm words in the address, for some reason, I can't say such words to him.

Do kind words guys?

Care and affection is a necessary element of a truly warm and trusting relationships. As the saying goes, women love with their ears, but they are not alone. The vast majority of young people want to a girlfriend addressed to him not only by name, but used in conversation, some kind words. It can make relationships a certain element of novelty and make them closer.
Of course, not every young person would like to have a girl called him with friends or relatives, for example, "kitty". Affectionate nicknames is quite intimate appeal, which will be much more appropriate in those moments when the lovers are alone.

Affectionately called the guy?

As a gentle treatment can be used the diminutive version of the name of the young man. For example, if a guy named Maxim, the girl can call him max, Maxie, and even Maksyusha. You need to select the sound name that excites both lovers.

Not all men like the use of words like Bunny, bear, pupienus, fatty and the like. However, if your young man had no objection to the use of such a gentle definition, then why not?

Most often, a man is thrilled when the girl, telling him gentle words, at the same time highlights some of its strengths. Examples of these affectionate names - "my hero!", "my soldier!" and the like. It is possible to simultaneously hint at the furious temper of the young man, languidly whispered in his ear "my tiger!" or "my stallion!". It flatters the ego of the guy, and he definitely will not want to part with the girl that can give him the opportunity to feel so special. This way she will increase self-esteem of a young man and at the same time, will make relations between them more sturdy.