Affectionate nicknames kids

Almost all kids under the age of 1-2 years, plump, with cute puffed-out cheeks. So many parents love to name their kids Donuts, Hamster Cheeks, the Chubbies, and Bears.
Often for nice treatment to the child the mother is enough to change the intonation of the voice call to baby gently and quietly.

Affectionate nicknames appear by themselves. Just when you look at this beloved creature. This occurs from an overabundance of feelings parents have the most dear and important in the world of baby.

Many newborns are called Suns, Angels, Treasure, Happiness, and wonder. All of this suggests that the child is very desirable and welcome.

Some parents come up with a rhyme to the baby's name, and then called him in a fit of love: Marina Mandarin duck, from Lera-spice nastena-Slastena.

Very often for creating delicate, pretty appeals to the child parents use of diminutive suffixes. However, even an offensive word becomes harmonious. So, a little mean spirited call Srednicki, and the child got in the dirt-Swingcheck and Piglet.

Affectionate nicknames girls

Calling the child, parents immediately think of the diminutive variants of the selected names. Because for girls, it's especially important tenderness and caress.
Parents of young children are often called by their full name only in the case when the want for something to criticize. Thus they emphasize their severity to the child at this moment.
So rare little beauties to call the full name. More likely to use derivatives of the cute name. For example: Elena name Elena, Lenok; Irina — Ira, Ira, relax, Ira; Olga — Olga, Olga, Olucak; Valeria — Lera, Lerona, Veronica.

Cute nicknames happen on the basis of external features of little girls. So, girls with curly hair called the Curly hair, and blue-eyed babies — Sineglazki. Someone calling her daughter a Beauty, and someone Princess.

Affectionate nicknames boys

The boys ' parents also happy to emphasize the originality and uniqueness of the son. You can often hear the mother of Andrew affectionately calls the son Duchesnay, and mother Seeds — Senacki. Small Arseniy call of Arusoi, and the Novel — a proud name Romeo.

Cat, Bunny, bear, knight, defender — that is not a complete list of words, common to the little boy.

Some cute nicknames appear spontaneously, some parents come up with. However, in a wide variety of gentle words do not forget the real name of the child and from time to time to call him by name.