You will need
  • current source, an ammeter, a ruler, the table is based on a constant engine of the number of poles, the load on the stand.
Definition of engine power by chocopotle the motor to a source of current and the known voltage. After that, including the circuit of each of the windings ammeter, measure operating current of the motor in amperes. Find the sum of all measured currents. The resulting number multiply by the voltage value, the result is power consumption of the electric motor in watts.
The definition of the motor power according to his habitualmente inner diameter of stator core and its length together with the air channels in centimeters. Find out the frequency of the alternating current network to which the connected motor and the synchronous speed of the shaft. To determine the constant of the pole dividing the product of the core diameter on the frequency of the synchronous shaft, multiply by 3.14 and divide successively on the network frequency and the number 120 (3,14•D•n/(120•f)). It will be a pole dividing machine. Find the number of poles and multiply by 60 the frequency of the current in the network and dividing the result by the frequency of rotation of the shaft. Multiply the result by 2. According to these data in the table to determine the dependence of the constant of a motor With the number of poles, find the value of the constant. This constant and multiply by the square of the core diameter, the length, and the synchronous rotational speed, and multiply the result by 10^(-6) (P = C•D2•l•n•10^(-6)). The power value will get kilowatts.
Determination of power delivered elektrodvigatelei own speed of rotation of the motor shaft with a tachometer in revolutions per second. Then use a dynamometer, determine the tractive effort of the engine. To get the value of the output power in watts, multiply the speed by the number of 6.28, the value of the force and the radius of the shaft, which measure with a ruler or caliper.