You will need
  • Vitamins, olive or sea-buckthorn oil, periodontal ointment and toothpaste, a soft toothbrush, herbal.
If you notice that the gums are swollen, bleeding, its level has changed, it is necessary to take urgent measures. Start to drink vitamins-the first symptom of gum disease - deficiencies in the body. Buy in a drugstore special periodontal toothpaste and ointment for the gums. Teeth better brush softer bristles sweeping motion from top to bottom. Regularly rinse your mouth decoctions of different herbs. It can be chamomile, oak bark, sage or nettle. After all the procedures for the night do a gum massage a few minutes applying olive or sea buckthorn oil.
If the self is to stop the recession failed, take the tooth with inflamed gums and consult a periodontist. He's in the picture will determine the complexity of the situation and propose further measures to increase the gums. In the early stages of the disease when the level of the bone under the gum is not decreased by more than half of a millimeter, the periodontist will prescribe bezoperatsionnye treatments. For example, cleaning of stones by ultrasound, medicinal lotions for gums, injections of antibiotics to eliminate the inflammation. Such procedures should result in the strengthening of gums and return it to its original place.
If the picture showed that the level of bone under the inflamed gum has declined, will have to resort to more drastic methods of treatment. The periodontists in such cases, offer a patchwork operation. It lies in the fact that the patient's gums peeled and building up the bone underneath it. Then the gums sewn up. If the operation is successful, the formed bone tissue, which in the future will increase the gums to their normal level. The patient in this case should fully implement the prescriptions of the attending physician and not to forget to do massage, like stretching the gum, so it returned to its normal position.