You will need
  • - the skin of an eggplant
  • Sol
  • - cognac
  • - drug charges (oak bark with Linden flowers)
Not entirely unnecessary in this situation will be a visit to the dentist, who will examine your mouth, make a correct diagnosis and will help to strengthen the gums.
The procedure of strengthening the gums of periodontitis (gum disease and bone of the jaws) in a dental clinic begins with the removal of plaque on the teeth and rinsing the gums special medicine that destroys the germs in the mouth. The average severity of the disease, the doctors resort to the cleaning of the gingival pockets. If the disease has gone deep, curettage (cutting of the gums, which opens the approach to the root of the tooth) may become the only correct decision of a doctor to treat the illness.
Strengthening your gums with a periodontal disease (gum disease, which laid bare the roots of the teeth) is not so much the treatment of the gums themselves, as to the treatment of diseases that caused it. These include diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular system. The doctor will prescribe and conduct the procedure of massage of the gums with the application of a special firming ointments and solutions.
To strengthen the gums will help in the home and folk remedies.
Peel eggplant and let to dry her in the oven, chop. Take one dessert spoon of the resulting powder and pour a glass of cool Vara. Let it brew, add no more than one teaspoon of salt. This composition rinse your mouth at least two times a day.
A good remedy to strengthen the gums would be to rinse the mouth with brandy for a minute. Tannins, which are part of this drink help to strengthen the gums, alcohol disinfects the whole mouth and causes blood flow to the gums.
Eat garlic, sauerkraut, apples, carrots, raw potatoes (one small peeled tuber).
Massage the gums tooth not with a stiff brush.
Use rinse of drug charges (oak bark with Linden flowers).
Be sure to brush your teeth in the morning and evening.
Timely visit to the dentist and adherence to simple advice of traditional medicine will help you to forget about problems with your gums.