To increase the front teeth in modern dentistry used method esthetic restoration of teeth, using every day more and more popular among customers at dentists. This art direction today is serious competition already familiar prosthetics metal-ceramic, and porcelain or zirconium crowns.
For anterior restorations, contact a well proven clinic and the doctor. Materials for building them are light-curing composites. Their color range is so great that the dentist can easily choose you shade, perfectly matching the color of natural enamel of the damaged tooth. When restoring more than one third of the tooth crowns additionally apply the pins.

Composite materials have high strength, adhesiveness and biocompatibility with dental tissues and also plasticity. The last quality allows to correctly reconstruct desired shape of the tooth. Adhesive ability of the composites provides a 100% strong connection of the restoration items with the natural parts of the tooth and when properly chosen shade material creates a virtually seamless transition between them.
The composite is applied in layers. The doctor closely replicates the microrelief of the tooth, after which it is directed light beam of a certain spectrum. Under its influence, the composite material hardens and creates a solid coupling with living tissues. Higher aesthetic effect is obtained after application to the tooth of a thin layer of photocomposite.
The possibility of the restoration of the front teeth is very broad. By means of building not only can you change the shape and size of the damaged tooth, to repair chipped and the unaesthetic appearance of age-related attrition, but also to adjust color, to hide the consequences of caries, to close interdental spaces and align the teeth.
Contact your dentist for assistance in correcting minor bite pathology. It will cost you much less than long-term treatment using different braces and plates. In addition, you will successfully cure the individual pathology of the teeth and simultaneously correct cosmetic defects. And all this you can make in one visit to the dentist.
Given the multifaceted and high aesthetic result, the cost of restoration of anterior teeth is more than adequate (from 2500 rubles depending on the damage to the tooth). In the end, you get a strong, absolutely complete, both in visual and physiological point of view, the tooth.