In the game you can use different figures in their half of the Board, placing them in such positions, which certainly make them the winning. For example, using the strategy of a protected passed pawn, you open space for your king and protect the pawn from the effects of the enemy.
Pawn is a convenient figure in the game, since pawns can have sufficient strength in order to counter attack the enemy king. You can use the strategy of undermining – to exchange one or more pawns to weaken the enemy.
Another strategy involves so-called stalemate shelter that can be included in the game, when the playing field is a little pieces. Providing with the help of the pawns of the king shelter platovym, you will protect it from the enemy.
Also the king can be installed on the edge or in the corner of the playing Board, i.e., to "pasupata . The game in this case being pawns. It does not deprive the king of mobility – this can lead to the loss.
To win can lead to the acquisition of additional pace, spend that wisely, then they will contribute to your victory. Backing the moves of pawns you can use, for example, to make a diversionary attack by the king to throw the enemy on the kingside.
If the king of your opponent is in the corner of the Board and it is fixed, you can try to checkmate with one knight and a pawn.