There are many short sequences of movements of pieces on the Board that lead to the loss of the opponent. Find and remember such combinations. Learn about typical beginners errors from sources available to you. This will complicate the task of your opponents, will help to notice their careless moves and as a result, the party will quickly end your victory.
Learn how to checkmate using a few shapes. Read how to win if there is a Queen and king against the king of the partner. After navigate to other tasks, for example, when you have a rook in place of the Queen. Try to checkmate with two bishops, Bishop and knight with king, two rooks. Such exercises are helpful for quick completion of the parties.
Use software tools that allow you to play chess with the computer. It is important that the app gave the ability to customize the level of difficulty. To begin, select a level approximately corresponding to the fourth level. Notice how there is a computer, and learn from his techniques when he wins. Practise more and win a computer program. After that, you should increase the level and continue training.
Find out who of your friends plays chess. Need a person who has achieved in the game specific results. A professional will be able to provide you with certain concessions from the beginning of the party. As in the case of games against the computer, pay attention to the actions of your opponent and improve your skills, learn to think like your more skilled opponent.
Participate in chess competitions. This measure is necessary for the motivation to continuous development. Tournaments force you to raise your skill level.