In order to learn how to win chess, you must have a great desire, patience and study the theory. Enroll in some chess and checkers club of your city and visit it several times a week.
Play with opponents who are stronger than you. Record your moves and analyze all the mistakes. Listen to the advice and try to avoid previous mistakes.
Purchase a special book or to find everything about the game on the Internet. Decide for yourself in what form you easier to perceive the information and take for the study.
Try to always be aware of the latest events in the chess world. Read magazines, Newspapers or news-oriented websites, watching chess tournaments and instructional videos.
Participate in competitions. Give chess lessons most of my free time, then you will definitely achieve good result. Do not be afraid and believe in yourself.
Try to always calculate several moves ahead, learn how to lead and save the position.
Play carefully, take your time and not make hasty moves. Remember that only serious attitude and thinking through each move will help you to successfully progress in learning this game.
Never be discouraged by defeat, because sooner or later everyone loses, even the strongest Champions of the world. If you really love chess, then give the case entirely.