You will need
  • - wrenches.
Remove the rubber plugs located on the racks install the rear seat cushion. They are at the point of joining the floor of the car from the back seat and cover mounting nuts. Carefully Unscrew the mounting nut.
Lift the top edge of the rear seat cushion. Slightly push the seat forward, disconnect the clips holding the rear part of the cushion. Remove the seat cushion from the interior of the Mazda 3.
Remove the bracket of the spare wheel, located in the Luggage compartment of the vehicle. Gently peel back and remove the mounting plate that attach the front of the Luggage compartment Mat to the floor. In order to access the fastening of the rear seat backrest remove the front trim of the trunk.
Inspect Luggage compartment and locate the two nuts. Every nut captures one of the backrests. Unscrew the nut.
Press the back of the rear seat so that the mounting bolts out of the holes. Pull the backrest straight up and remove it, moving the wire clamp from the brackets. Remove the seat back from the interior of the Mazda 3.
Turn the seat at an angle of 45 degrees. Unscrew the four mounting bolts and remove the armrests.
Unscrew the two mounting screws securing the head restraint in the seatback. Remove the head restraint.
Installing the rear seats the Mazda 3 in the reverse sequence.
For removing the front seat of a Mazda 3 Unscrew the bolts fixing the rear portion of the outer skin of the seat. Unscrew the securing bolt of the seat belt. Slide the front seat cushion forward until it stops and loosen the bolt that secures the skids on the car floor.
Slide the seat back until it stops and remove the screws securing the front part of the sled. Disconnect the connector of the tension mechanism of the belt. If necessary, remove the motors.