For the manufacture of machine you need logs of wood, a circular saw, jig saw, drill, grindstone, abrasive paper, pencil and a picture or drawing of the finished machine. Wooden beams need to be both durable and soft, easy processed.
The tree should not be visible knots and irregularities that can disrupt the surface structure of the machine. On the timber with a pencil, apply the contours and curves of the machine, referring to the original picture of the weapon.
After the outlines are clear and precise, take a circular saw or a jigsaw and gently cut out the shape of the slot along the contour of the tree, attaching beam clamps to the workbench or table.
After automatic cut, filed and sanded to correct bumps on the curves and rough edges of wood, and then finer sandpaper abrade the surface of the machine to the tree ceased to be rough.
Using the drill and various drill bits for wood, drill in holes where there should be holes in accordance with the original image. Make a hole in the butt, and then drill out the barrel of the machine.
Again abrade and Polish the machine, and if desired cover it with a protective impregnation, paint or varnish to make it more realistic. Install on the machine the trigger wire and aluminum trigger guard.