Advice 1: How to make a machine

The war is played not only children but also adults – in our time, these games are most often a computer, but some prefer to return to childhood when all the weapons for the games was made independently, without the use of modern technologies. You can get a lot of pleasure from work and wood processing, as well as familiarize you with the toys of their childhood own child, if you try to cut yourself a wooden machine.
How to make a machine
For the manufacture of machine you need logs of wood, a circular saw, jig saw, drill, grindstone, abrasive paper, pencil and a picture or drawing of the finished machine. Wooden beams need to be both durable and soft, easy processed.
The tree should not be visible knots and irregularities that can disrupt the surface structure of the machine. On the timber with a pencil, apply the contours and curves of the machine, referring to the original picture of the weapon.
After the outlines are clear and precise, take a circular saw or a jigsaw and gently cut out the shape of the slot along the contour of the tree, attaching beam clamps to the workbench or table.
After automatic cut, filed and sanded to correct bumps on the curves and rough edges of wood, and then finer sandpaper abrade the surface of the machine to the tree ceased to be rough.
Using the drill and various drill bits for wood, drill in holes where there should be holes in accordance with the original image. Make a hole in the butt, and then drill out the barrel of the machine.
Again abrade and Polish the machine, and if desired cover it with a protective impregnation, paint or varnish to make it more realistic. Install on the machine the trigger wire and aluminum trigger guard.

Advice 2: Hand scythe for grass-types and application technology

Despite the abundance of lawn mower, hand scythes, remain relevant tool. Only you can use them to remove grass in areas with difficult terrain, around trees and shrubs.
Hand scythe - a handy tool for mowing grass

Manual KOs

Manual KOs there are only three varieties: Lithuanian, crust and serpan. Each of them has the tools with a cloth of different sizes.
The most convenient consider a braid-Lithuanian, as due to the longer handle than other types of this tool, mowing becomes less time consuming. In accordance with the room size steel blade (knife) mowers call Lithuanian "Pyaterochka", "shesterok" and so on. there are five rooms of this tool: №№ 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. The length of the canvases, respectively, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 cm and 1 m.

Spit-crust reminiscent of a long sloping hammer and equipped with a curved handle. This tool is used in cases when you need to mow the grass on the ground with lots of bumps and bushes. Here the crust is very effective, but it has one drawback: we have to work a half-bent position.

Spit-serpan as well consists of a steel blade and the handle. Her knife with a short: its length of 35 cm it looks like a sickle. This tool is convenient for mowing overgrown grass with large stem.

The technology of using hand scythes

The technique of mowing grass for any kinds of braids is one and the same: the left hand hold the snath, and the right is strengthened in its upper part the handle. Getting started the left leg put forward, and then perform in front of a narrow swing of the scythe's blade. During mowing the grass "heel" of the braid should be held almost level with the ground, stepping back from her only 1-2 see "the Nose", that is, the narrow pointed part of the blade, you need to keep raising it slightly.

When the stroke is completed, the right foot moving to the level of the left that before the next stroke again put forward. The hand movements should be smooth, with the same effort, without jerks. You should try to mow so that the "heel" of the snath raked up cut grass and cast it aside, forming a low cushion. So gradually moving in the right direction. In order to make the job less time consuming, every 15-20 minutes stop and namachivajut the edge of the blade.

It is extremely important to choose the right number of braids. If you want to remove the grass on the level ground, fit a No. 9 or No. 10. In the area where a lot of shrubs or tussocks, it is better to use No. 5 or No. 6. If the topography of the site is not full of irregularities, but they are still present, you need to take the scythe No. 7 or No. 8. These recommendations apply to the spit of the "Lithuanian".

Advice 3: How to make a Minecraft machine

Classic weapon in the game "Minecraft" pretty quickly begins to pall. And I want new experiences. Knowing how to make a Minecraft machine, it is possible to diversify game process and go to a whole new level in the game. Of course, you can download a "Minecraft" mod on the machines, but that's too easy.
machine in minecraft

What you'll need in the game "Minecraft" for the machine

For firearms, you will always need ammo. In the game "Minecraft" 1.5 and later you can shoot any of the listed items:

  1. Fireballs;
  2. Various potions;
  3. Arrows;
  4. More.

What will it take to make a machine in Minecraft

For creating machine you will need the following items:

  1. Stone;
  2. Red dust;
  3. Torches — 5 PCs;
  4. Earth;
  5. Repeater — 2 PCs;
  6. Distributor — 3 PCs.

How to make a slot machine in Minecraft

Start doing the machine in the game with the creation of a certain similarity of mechanism-of the engine, which will be needed to launch the projectiles. Make it easy: simply clamp in a closed circuit repeaters. That the engine has been activated, you need to use a torch.

Next put 6 stone blocks that you will need to install 3 distributor. It is worth noting that distributors are placed with an interval of one block of stone. In free blocks, you need to install torches at the end of construction. And distributors to complement a full set of cartridges. You can choose them from the list above.

Now you need to combine the already built engine and distributors. This can be done using the red dust. To sum up the mechanism, first you need to make it a fault on one side. Then you need to repeat the activation of the engine with a torch and create a contact with the distributor through the break with dust.

As soon as the torches are set to free between distributors stone blocks, starts a real shooting machine.

The pros and cons of the vending machine in Minecraft

The undoubted advantages include the strength and the power stroke, and the ability to defend against ranged attacks. Thus, the player "Minecraft" will be able at the earliest possible time to protect their territory.

The cons of the machine "Minecraft" can be called the inability of the sight and not the transportability of weapons.

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