You will need
  • Plastic, wood, aluminum beams, paint, drawing utensils.
The first thing you need to determine the dimensions of the future gate. It all depends on what platform they are intended. Wish your game was as realistic as possible? Then fabricate a gate on the standards that are used in professional football. But do not forget that these gates are the appropriate size. Unfortunately, not every yard there is a Playground. So you need to think carefully about the dimensions of your gate.
Make a detailed drawing. It must be specified the dimensions of all the parts. Also pay special attention to the method of connection of the main parts. Gate will be collected from the several beams, so they can be made collapsible, it is very practical. You can bring them out of the box, install and enjoy any game. And then disassembled and carried back. This will help extend the life of your gate. Also they are much longer you will have to preserve the original appearance and delight with its views of both teams.
The next step is the choice of material for manufacturing. You can use almost any material. The gate is made of aluminum beams or tubes, and high durability. However, football is a contact game, so players often hit the gate. The effects of a severe blow on the aluminum gate can be disastrous. Wooden gate maintenance, but much better iron. The lowest level of injury have a gate, made of plastic. Plastic to pick up flexible, with the addition of rubber to contact with ball or player's body the gate is bent, but not broke. It should be noted that the gate of flexible plastic are not suitable for playing professional soccer, but for Amateur matches is perfect.
Fabricate all components from the door according to the drawing. Check the workmanship. All items must have rounded form. If you produce a gate of wooden bars, it is necessary to sand the surface to give a perfect smoothness. Also need to paint the gate. Color you can choose absolutely any, but it must clearly stand out to players clearly saw the football gate. Then allow to dry the paint. now you can take the newly made gate armpit and boldly stepping on the football field. Remember that for a good match need a pair of gates.