First of all, make sure that you purchase the garage is on the legally registered land and gives you a guarantee of safety of property. The number of such buildings include, typically, the garages, installed on-site garage-building cooperatives (GSK), known since Soviet times. Are such cooperatives on the long-term row long-term lease or transfer of land in perpetuity.
When you purchase a garage in GSK check the technical passport and certificate of ownership from the Bureau of technical inventory. Ideally, the garage should not only be placed on the rightful place, but to be passed by the state Commission, recorded in the register of real estate as capital structure.
If the garage is not "Soviet" buildings, and relatively new, then you take to checking the legal grounds for the construction of the garage more carefully. Between the owner of the garage complex (cooperative, partnership or joint stock company) and the city should be entered into a formal agreement interim or long term rental.
Beware to buy a garage in the buffer zone. Such areas include the area near the rail, industrial areas, etc. If you are going to place the garage on a legal basis, then it is possible that in this case such a design would be difficult, since the garage can be built only on the basis of oral agreements with the local authorities, no lease.
After checking the legality of the grounds on which the garage will determine the method of acquisition of the property. This can be a purchase or participation in the garage cooperative.
Getting the garage through its purchase specify whether it referred to movable or immovable property. The garage, standing on the Foundation is real estate. The purchase of real estate will have to register in state bodies, after which you take ownership of.If the garage is only a metal box mounted on the ground, it is movable property. Ownership in this case arises from the transfer of the garage.
In the contract of purchase and sale provide the parties to the contract, the product name and its price. With such a design to deprive you of the garage will be possible only by court order.
If you decide to join the garage cooperative, please carefully read the Charter. Please note on the order and conditions of delivery of the garage leases, the donation and resale. After registration of membership in the cooperative, you can make a garage with the actions provided by the Charter and not contradicting the legislation.