You will need
  • - statement by the senior bailiff;
  • - the writ of execution and a photocopy;
  • - the passport.
If the child support stopped coming to your account will apply to the senior bailiff. Specify what number you have not received remittances, to present the passport, the writ of execution and a photocopy.
On the basis of your appeal within seven days, the bailiffs must take action to recover the current amount of alimony and the resulting debt. If the debtor does not work, never registered, not residing at the place of permanent or temporary registration and his whereabouts are unknown, the bailiff must give written notice to the bodies of internal Affairs with the request to assist in tracing the debtor.
Law enforcement officials are obliged to investigate in order to identify the domicile of willful defaulter alimony. For this interview neighbors, relatives, friends and acquaintances of the indebted citizen.
When a failed search activities within the region, located in the Department of law enforcement, a notice is sent to the Federal office, declared the Federal wanted list delinquent.
All customs posts and receive a notification with the description of the debtor, passport data. To cross the border after the announcement of the Federal investigation deadbeat dad can not. It will stop and give for legal justice in law enforcement.
For the regional and Federal investigation in law enforcement agencies must show:- the decision about the beginning of the investigation;- the statement of the collector of maintenance;- a photocopy of the writ of execution;- a photocopy of certificate of absence of the debtor at the place of registration;- the written records of the employees of the district Department of internal Affairs about the inability to find the debtor.
The bailiffs required once a month make a written request, on the results of the investigation. A written report of law enforcement needs to be sewn to the case of alimony and debt.