You will need
  • - graph paper;
  • - tracing;
  • - the range;
  • - pencil;
  • centimeter.
Before you make pattern skirts the year, remove the measurements from the pieces: the waist circumference (FROM), hips (ABOUT) and determine the length of the skirt. The values and divide in half. Length skirt the year is usually 70-75 cm, but it can be shorter. Check it out-particularly if you are short in stature.
Build the pattern the straight skirt, which you will simulate the desired product. Draw a rectangle with width equal to the poluobhvat hips plus one inch of freedom of the fit, the length corresponds to the length of the skirt.
On the workpiece to draw the line of the hips. Swipe the lateral line, which is equal to half the rectangle's width. Calculate the depth of the tucks, this will be the difference of the values of POB and SWEAT.
The pattern build tuck. Divide the front and back part of the skirt in half vertically. From these lines, as well as from the lateral line pattern of the skirt, put in both sides the necessary distance. The widest should be a side tuck.
Mark the length of the recesses: rear 12 cm, 9-10 front, side tuck comes to the hip line. Connect all the points of the Darts in straight lines. Lateral raise tuck 1 cm above the waist and a little round her inside. Draw a waist line.
When the Foundation is ready, we proceed to modeling of the pattern of the skirt year. From the hip line put down 20-30 cm depending on the height of the tails. Draw a horizontal line.
From the Darts slide down the vertical line to the intersection with the bottom line. You should have four wedge, two on the front and back half of the skirt.
Bottom line from each bottom left and right put at 15-20 cm Connect the bottom dots on the top. The bottom of the wedges is slightly round.
To complete the pattern of the skirt year, transfer each item on tracing paper separately. Make the pattern belt. Cut out the patterns on which vykroyte skirt fabric and sew it.