To tame the bird better with the "baby" age. The first few months of life, the character of Raven just being formed, the birds are docile and easily tamed. Later, when Raven grows up, he begins to recognize only the owner, who raised him. When Raven turns around 1-2 years, he had a desire to fly away from the owner.
Tame ravens miraculously imitate different sounds they hear. They are not able to repeat the singing of birds, but perfectly reproduce the creaks and knocks, voices and barking of dogs. Some crows even like to tease the dogs.
A Raven cannot be kept in a cage. Minimal space – enclosure of size not less than 2 cubic meters. Raven loves to move and if you put him in a cage, the bird will break all the feathers. Also keep a crow on a special presage. Crows are very agile, they can seriously restrict movement. But to afford to fly where they like – it is dangerous. A bird will break and I will lay all that can break the beak of a button on the device.
The ravens like to bathe. It is necessary that the bird could do it every day or at least every other day.
To contain a crow, put a number of points, then cash costs are practically not required. Money and effort will require the place where the bird will live, fixtures and toys.
As a rule, Raven has a host. If several people are involved with birds, most often crows still chooses the person, while can recognize others. It's a smart bird, which do you can communicate. Best of all, if Raven gets an adult able to answer for themselves and be able to provide a bird worthy of care and maintenance.
The age at which you need to take Chicks from a breeder – about 2-3 months. Already in six months to tame a bird much more difficult. You should be prepared that the first couple of months you will need to give your pet a lot of time.
When Raven grew up with him need to spend about 2-3 hours every day. It's time for walks, training and socializing. To train a Raven should be just as trained hunting birds. If he accidentally flew away from the owner, if he was properly brought up, Raven will be able to adapt and survive. If attention to the education not received the bird will die in the wild.