The cotoneaster is a pretty undemanding plant, it is undemanding to growing conditions and humidity and soil fertility, can grow in partial shade, although a Sunny position is improving. Rather tolerates drought and frost. So it can grow in almost any conditions.

For planting cotoneaster brilliant prepare the soil in advance. Dig it, remove the roots of weeds. Adjust its composition. Although the cotoneaster and hardy, young plants will develop and build shoots better if the soil is more fertile. Add in the ground compost or peat, leaf mold and sand. Apply lime for every square meter of planting is recommended to add approximately 300 g of lime, chalk or dolomite flour.

For planting a single Bush of cotoneaster, dig a hole about the size of 70x70 cm pour drainage. It can be made of crushed stone, gravel, broken bricks, expanded clay or, that is, stones that are close at hand. Pour a layer of about 20 cm Drainage of the planting hole will protect the roots of shrubs from rotting.

Then, pour a third of the planting pits prepared nutritious potting mix. Place the seedling in it and cover with soil to the root collar.

When the device of the hedge of cotoneaster brilliant dig pits at a distance of about 50 cm from each other. If you are going to plant big plants, you can increase to 1.5 m Below the fence was the most spectacular, place the seedlings in 2 rows staggered.

After landing, the ground immediately wet and over mulch. Mulch can be made from peat or grass clippings. Caring for shrubs cotoneaster requires a minimum. In the first year after planting requires weeding and occasional watering during dry periods, under every Bush at this time you need to pour one bucket of water.

The cotoneaster can be planted both in autumn and spring. In the autumn, do planting, ranging from mid-August to mid-September. With the landing should not be delayed because the seedlings have a good root before the first frost. In the spring, to plant the cotoneaster is possible from late April to June.

Currently in garden centers often sell planting material with closed root system, these seedlings cotoneaster can be planted throughout the summer, but in the heat of planting should pritenyat from the sun.