All operators are advised not to throw a check payment as long as the money is not credited to your account. A check will be necessary in case of operation error, but if you have the wrong number. Check – confirmation that you conducted the payment transaction.

The first thing you need to do when an error is detected in the input data is to find the receipt. Call the support service of your operator and find out the location of the customer service centers of your city. Select the most convenient to visit the address and go. Don't forget to bring your passport or any other identity document. This is necessary in order to understand what it is you are the owner of the SIM card.

Go to the window in which service-related questions, show the passport (or other document) and check. Explain employee mobile operator what kind of error occurred. It will check your personal data, see whether the transaction has been performed the recharge. If all the data together, then he will transfer the money to the wrong phone number on your.

If you throw a check, paying for communication services in the contact center, to return the funds will be more difficult, but still possible. You need to come to the Department, which was added to the balance. Explain the situation to them and ask them to break the re-check, or write a marketable print. If you remember the consultants will comply with your request without problems. Only after that you can go to the subscription Department.

If payment of services of cellular communication was carried out through the terminal and check you have not saved, the center staff help customers is nothing you can do. However, if you remember what the figure made a mistake, you can try to contact the owner of this room. If he is an honest and understanding man, that will go into your position and put the same amount into your account.