Podstelit straw

Before purchasing think about what you can befall such a terrible event. Consider all of the "moves of the retreat:" first of all, please be extra money or a Bank card with untouchable cash reserves for a hotel and ticket. Secondly, write down all necessary phone numbers (consulates, hotels, airlines) and Internet resources through which you can quickly and cheaply to buy a return ticket or book a hotel for a while. Still possible to advance the safe side, call the airline and sending e-mail to the hotel asking you to confirm your booking.
Contact the person

If everything bad had already happened, then consistently call the Agency and tour operator. The fact that they are different organizations: the tour operator is a company that is developing a tour and travel Agency only sells ready-made tours (tours). Failure could happen at any stage. Could unscrupulous work Agency – in this case there is a chance to help the tour operator. So, if you buy a ticket at the Agency, ask the name of the operator.

And the Agency could make a mistake and book with a tour operator who is experiencing difficulty. Then there is a possibility that the Agency employs professionals that can help you.

And finally, an extreme case – the Russian Embassy in a foreign country. In such situations, to help tourists is their job. The phone number of the Embassy you will send via SMS your mobile operator.
Pay phone

In a difficult situation, you will have to call from your mobile or even go online to "razrulit" situation. Because it is often the representatives of the bankrupt firms cease to answer calls, but tourists really need advice on how to proceed.
First of all, Fund your account – with the help of friends or a loan.
Find an accommodation

It may happen that the hotel you suddenly say that your room is not paid. Unfortunately, you will either have to pay for the hotel (or the other), either to return home. However, be sure to do the following: make the act of refusal in check (self, putting in the header the date and place of composition, and at the end of your name, telephone numbers and passport details). Find at least two witnesses, ask them to sign the act and leave their passport details. Also need to sign the representative of the host country.

Then find a hotel and try to rest in it. But collect evidence of all your expenses: for payment of accommodation in hotel, excursions, phone calls to the travel Agency, etc. Before you leave ask hotel receipt indicating his name, address, room rate. Can still take pictures and videos, while removing the environment in which it is clear where you are. What does it do? Upon your return you may be able to apply all the evidence to its claim, and achieve guaranteed cost recovery.
Return tickets

Call the airline and find out whether you are guaranteed a return ticket. If you say "In the passenger lists you don't", it is again to fix. To do this, ask the employee at the front Desk to make on the ticket a mark indicating the reason of failure in planting. If the rack does not agree - you can make a mark in the administration of the airport. It is also desirable to make the same report of events at the airport as the hotel, with signatures of witnesses. It is especially useful if you have an electronic, not a paper ticket, and prove that the flight did not take place.

Now you face the task as cheaply as possible to return home. Use the special search engine to find the cheapest ticket (for example, So the ticket price was still below, you can see the flights (often they are much cheaper) or suggestions of budget airlines (low-stake).
Don't forget about friends

"Who is going to meet me in the night in the airport if I arrive without a penny of money even for the bus!" - sadly sighs about a hypothetical situation "broke the travel Agency" my friend Natasha. "I go," I quietly answer her. In a difficult situation, each of you will find a friend who will help you if not entirely, then at least something – will transfer money to the card, will pay cell, will be met by taxi. Do not be afraid of failure and don't be afraid to ask. There are more good people than you think.
To return the money

Upon returning home, require compensation for the cancelled tour. The claim of damages recoverable from the travel agent, tour operator or direct to the insurance firm that was a financial guarantor of the organization. All the data about the tour operator and "insurer" must be in your contract, including the name and address, as all tours according to the Russian legislation it is necessary to insure.

You will have to make the claim, it will need all documents, checks and receipts you have collected, and which show that you did not receive services guaranteed by the Treaty, or received them in an improper manner. And also, – copy of passport and copy of contract under which you bought the tour (in fact to prove to you something not provided, you need to confirm that you promised something), with all applications - usually it is a reservation sheet and information about the tour operator. The contract must be signed by a Director of the company, if signed by a Manager or another employee, you must have a copy of the authorization of the Director on the transfer of its powers to the signing of the contract for this employee. Also you must have a document confirming the payment of the money for the tour: check, voucher or receipt-the cash receipt – the last two must be round the original printing company. But the stamp "paid" is no good here - the court may deny compensation.

If done correctly, according to the law "About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation" you have to return the money within 30 calendar days after receipt of the documents or to recognize the event as not insured.
Hurry up time

If your operator has stopped working, you have to try to manage to be among the first applicants, as the limit of liability is restricted to ten millions of rubles. But victims could be hundreds, or even thousands, if you burst a big company. And more preferably the duplicate of the documents to send with the notice on legal and postal address of the tour operator and the insurer.

However, we sincerely hope that these tips you will never need! – the first and largest in Runet meta tickets cheap.