You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - connected to a mobile phone service "Mobile Bank";
  • - computer with Internet access.
In order to block the card Visa, you need to call the Bank that issued the card, explain the problem and see the room service help. It should call up the operator and ask to block the card. The operator, probably to identify the owner may ask you to call name, surname, patronymic, passport details and password, which the owner indicated upon receipt of the card.
If the Visa card connected to the Mobile banking service, send a message with a phone number attached to this service, the number 900. It is necessary to write: BLOKIROVKA ***** 0. Where ***** - the last five digits of the card number, and 0 is the lock code, indicating that the card was lost. You can select a different reason for blocking: 0 – card is lost, 1 card is stolen, 2 card left in the ATM, 3 – more. Then bridet reply message with a code that must also be sent to 900 within 5 minutes. The word "BLOKIROVKA" you can also write Russian letters, there will be no error.
Visa card, issued by Sberbank, will be blocked for a day if three times to dial the wrong password in the ATM. After 24 hours it will be unlocked automatically.
To block the card through the Internet "Sberbank-Online" on the website of Sberbank. But first you need to get via ATM, user ID and temporary password. Of course, make it possible only in the presence of the card. Then you need to go to the website, enter the password and use the "block card".
In the absence of a card to obtain the password for "Sberbank Online" is possible again in the presence of the service "Mobile banking". You need to send an SMS to number 900 with the word "PAROL" or "PASSWORD". If the number is linked with a few cards, this word with a space, you need to add the last 5 digits of the card that want to block. The user ID in this case, you can call the contact centre.