You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - Internet;
  • computer;
  • - passport;
  • - details of the payroll card;
  • - a contract with the Bank.
Call the support service. For calls to Russia, there are toll-free numbers (each Bank has its own phone). Inform the operator that you wish to block a payroll card. Explain the reason why it is necessary to do it. Tell me your personal information including passport details and card number, checking account number and a code word that you have invented in the contract with the Bank. After providing the information, your plastic card will be blocked by the Bank.
If you have activated the mobile banking (and currently the majority of card users use this new feature), send an SMS message to the number from which you receive notifications about movement of funds on the account.
The text of the sms should consist of the last five digits of a payroll card, lock code (if you lost the card, write 0, if it is stolen, put 1, if you leave the plastic card in the ATM (when you entered a wrong PIN code three times, the card is automatically locked and remains in the slot), if your card had been other cases not related to the above, point 3). These data may be separated by a space, a grid or star.
You can block a plastic card via the Internet. To do this, register on the website of the Bank where record. Identify yourself after your phone number will come SMS with a password to login, tips support operator who will specify the necessary information and advise you.
After you connect online services, you should go to the link, which serves to block the card. Send SMS from a mobile phone, which you use mobile banking, with the word "password", which can be written in Russian or Latin letters.
In reply you will send a set of characters. They should enter in the appropriate field on the website of the Bank section of the lock. Select the lock code. Within a few minutes, your payroll card will block.
If you are not able to call, send SMS or connect to the Internet, come to the Bank where your card was. The Bank will notify the employee of his desire on blocking the payroll card. Write a statement of the form which will give you a Bank employee. Say the code word, specify in the application the requisite card (its number, the account number), your personal data, requisites of the passport. Sign it, date. A Bank employee will tell you over what period your card will be blocked.