You will need
  • phone;
  • - mobile phone registered in the system "Mobile Bank";
  • - user ID and login password in "Sberbank Onl@yn";
  • - computer or Communicator;
  • - an Internet connection.
Call the assistance Service to clients-holders of international cards by phone:8 (495) 500 00 05;8 (495) 788 92 72;8 800 200 3 747 (the room is not available in all regions of Russia).To operate the system turn your phone into tone dialing. If your phone is this mode not supported, wait for the response of the free operator.
Be prepared when communicating with the operator to call a code word that you have set upon receipt of the card. To work with the automatic aid system will need a digital code sequence, which is calculated according to the code word. If you have forgotten your code word, please contact an appropriate statement in a branch of Sberbank, where you received the card.
Please note that the phone support Services, you can not only Express the loss of the card, but to check your account balance, to clarify the last 10 transactions on the account, and also get advice on further action. If calling these numbers has failed, call for more:8 (495) 544 45 45;8 (495) 788 92 77.These numbers are only accepted reported lost cards, help and advice are not provided.
Please contact within three days to the branch of the Bank with a written application for blocking the card. If you personally visit the Bank can't send the application form by Fax to number 8 (495) 747 3 888 or e-mail address The report must specify your name, card number, division of Sberbank, in which you received it, as well as your contact phone number.
Lock the card through the "Mobile Bank". To do this, send for a 900 number from your phone registered in the system, an SMS message consisting of the word "lockdown" (Blokirovka, Block) 4 last digits of the card number and the lock code:0 – card is lost;1 – card has been stolen;2 – the card left in the ATM;3 – more.Characters in TEXTS can be separated by a space, hyphen, period, and bars. For example, if the card with the last digits of 0645 left the ATM, a SMS may look like this:Block#0645#2.
Wait for the reply SMS from the system, which will contain a code to confirm the card blocking. This code must be send to number 900 for 5 minutes. Only then your card will be blocked. If I have an error message, send SMS again. If resending doesn't help, call the above phone numbers.
Use for card lock service "Sberbank Onl@yn" (if you remember your user ID and password). Log in, select the map and click the appropriate button or link.