Connect on your mobile phone service "Alfa-Check". To do this, using your username and password, log in to your personal account in the Internet Bank "Alfa-Click". Select the menu item "Connecting Alfa-Check". Point to those Bank cards which you want to receive notifications produced by their transactions via sms messages. Enter your mobile phone number to which you want to receive this information, and click "Connect". In the query window, enter the sent to you on the phone one-time password, click "Submit". From this moment the service is activated.
If you are a subscriber of MTS, Beeline or MegaFon-Moscow send message with text block to the short number 2265. The numbers correspond to the letters in the word bank. Subscribers of other mobile operators must send this message to another number– (+7 903) 767 22 65. These numbers you can easily remember, because they correspond to the word smsbank. After that you will receive the request of Alfa-Bank with a listing of card numbers. In response to it send a message with the word block after which put a space, an asterisk (*) and write the last four digits of the card that you want to block. For example, block *1234.
Also easily you'll be able to unlock the map in that case, if the loss is your find. Only now you will need to use in the message the word unblock. Short codes for sending sms messages remain the same.
You can also block the funds on the card, using the service "alpha-Consultant". For that, if you are in Moscow or the Moscow region, dial the number (+7 495) 78-888-78; residents of other regions need to dial 8 (800) 2000-000. Go in tone mode and then press the number "3" for emergency lock card or "4" if she can unlock it.