You will need
  • phone;
  • - personal visit to the Bank;
  • - the passport.
If you find that the card was missing at the first opportunity call the "Bank of Moscow" by phone (495) 728-77-88 (if you are abroad: +7-495-728-77-88). While in Russia, you can make free call from your mobile phone or long distance number 8-800-200-23-22. Specialist Bank notify us of your desire to block the card, name surname, name and patronymic and answer his questions to ensure that he speaks with you (various personal data, the code word on the card).
After your identification card will be temporarily blocked. However, to confirm the lock you need at the first opportunity to visit any branch of Bank and submit a written statement on blocking the card. Don't forget to bring your passport: you will need it the employees of the Bank to identify you as a customer.
To visit the Bank again to check: maybe you just forgot where you put the map. If you find it after you have submitted a written statement to unlock it will be available. However, to reissue the card, which for some time have been out of your field of view, will be more reliable. There's no guarantee that it has not been in the hands of others.
It is not excluded a situation when the card is in the client's hands, but he suddenly discovers that one stranger made one or more purchases via the Internet. This means that all necessary data have become known to a third party. However, these unauthorized transactions can be contested and the map, which fell into the wrong hands it is necessary to reissue. And in cases where the Bank suspected that the card unauthorized use of a third party, he can block it unilaterally.