You will need
  • - passport;
  • - 200 rubles.
In case of loss of card, the first thing to call any branch of "Sberbank (it is desirable that it was the office where you were issued the card). The operator of the Bank will ask you to identify a secret code. Name it and ask the operator to block your card.
Come to the office of "Sberbank and write a statement to restore the card in two copies. In his statement, indicate that recovery is necessary in connection with the loss of the card.
Employee of the Bank issuing application forms for the restoration of the card, will give you a receipt for service payment card lock. To date, the cost of service of blocking of the card is 200 rubles. The cashier of the Bank payment receipt and bring it to the employee who took your application to the recovery of the card. The exception to this rule is the card "Maestro or "Visa Electron , which are blocked for free.
If the card was the money that you want to remove, go to the Bank officer with your passport. He will prescribe rest and a receipt for the full amount that was on the card at the time of blocking. With the receipt go to the office "the savings Bank and get the money.
After a few days (recovery time to pre-check with the Bank) come to the office and get the restored card.