You will need
  • - statement to the Bank;
  • - passport;
  • is a credit card.
If you without your consent from any of the Bank came in the mail a credit card that you absolutely do not need and you're not going to use it, just break it and throw it away. Typically, these cards require activation via the Internet or through a call to the Bank, so the non-activated card is absolutely safe and may not bring you any problems.
If you used a credit card, successfully repaid the debt and subsequently not going to borrow money from the Bank, you will need to contact the institution with a written statement requesting termination of the service agreement.
Make a statement in two copies, to avoid confusion. Be sure to reassure it yourself and make sure that it was signed by officers of banking institutions. Help to close the loan account with all seals and signatures must be handed over to you, and the card itself is destroyed in your presence (cut in half).
When approaching the end of validity of the card take care of rejection in advance. Submit an application to the Bank not later than one month prior to the expiration of its term. Otherwise, the banking institution will automatically issue you a new card, and in case of refusal you will be required to pay a penalty or a fine. In addition, if you are not able to repay the loan by the time of expiry of the card, be prepared for the fact that you still have to pay off all debts before retiring from the card.
Keep in mind that if you ordered a credit card and then change your mind, it is also easy to refuse. Visit a Bank and write a statement. If you wrote the application for the issue of a plastic card and not for the loan, it will be much easier. If you asked me to give you a loan and then change your mind, commit in writing their unwillingness to receive it.