First of all, check the auction sheet, if you purchase a car, imported from Japan. But it is worth noting that it can also forge. As for American cars, the odometer they can check using a special database, called Autocheck and Carfax.
Check carefully the condition of the cabin, if after studying the relevant documents you still have doubts. Please pay attention to the wheel, rubber pedal pads, seats, buttons, mats, etc. Check also the condition of the tires, look under the hood of the car. In some services of the mechanics at the time of passing of technical inspection stick the relevant stickers and point them mileage.
Remember, one year the operation of the machine the average passing 30000 km. of Course, there are exceptions, but if for example you are offered a car 1998 with a mileage of only 60000км, it is serious occasion to reflect. Also produce a comparison of the current mileage of the car with the same indicator during the previous sale. Look at the tires, usually the first rubber is enough for about 100,000 km And if the car has new tires and the seller claims that it was passed 40000 km, respectively, figure was curled.
Please refer to a mechanic for inspection of the purchased car, since the odometer values are often recorded during the passage of the maintenance. Also, experts will be able to determine the mileage on the engine wear, exhaust system, steering and suspension. You can check the car and VIN number. If you know that the owners of the cars are very often changed, it is better to refuse purchase.
Check also the ratio of the year of issue and condition of the car because it is possible to buy a former taxi with twisted mileage. As a rule, most imported from Europe the car is twisted the counters and during the inspection the buyer is very difficult to detect twist.