You will need
  • - card reader;
  • - file Manager.
In order to know when was taken the photo, open contains the object folder and hover the mouse cursor over the desired item. If your system configuration allows, review the additional information in a pop-up window - usually there is written information about file size, date modified, created, camera model and lens and so on. Snapshot date will be specified in accordance with the system date on the device to which it was made. In some cases, the time and date on the camera gets confused and people is just too lazy to change it to the actual, because they will leave the settings unchanged. In this case, the creation date of the photos is impossible to know.
If you want to know the date of creating photos with a mobile device, download a file Manager respectively installed operating system. Please note that it should have the capability to read metadata. Then run it in your phone, go to the file directory, and view additional information.
Also download for your computer file Manager. Running it, go to the file menu and at the bottom read the creation date of the photo if such information is contained in the given image. Usually it is lost when you transfer a file using some online services and when you use basic image editors like Paint.
Download and install on your computer the appropriate program to view the images, surely they will also attend a function for reading additional information. Also the easiest way to find the creation date of photos – see on its name. Often they are assigned to, respectively, the date and time of photography. This applies in particular to photos from mobile devices.