After processing the photos in photo editor information about what was captured photos to learn would be impossible. Also, if you transfer photos through social networks and online services that use compression, all the information about the device that took the photo, completely erased.
So, to find out information about photostrictive can be found only in the case when you have the original unedited photos.
To do this, select the computer you are interested in a file with a digital photo and click the right mouse button. In the context menu, select final Properties. You will see properties window of this photo.
Go to the tab "Details". In it you will see two columns: "Property" and "Value". Also in this tab you will see the categories of properties and values, and the first of them is "Description". Look for the label "Camera" - in it you will see information about removing the device. Here is displayed the name of the manufacturer of the camera and its model. If it's a smartphone or a tablet computer, you will see the name and model of this device such as HTC Desire (smartphone) or iPad (tablet)
In addition to the brand name of the manufacturer and model of the optics, you will be able to view the snapshot parameters, the following:

- aperture;

- shutter speed;

- ISO speed;

- compensation;

- focal length;

- aperture;


- the distance to the object;

- flash mode and its energy;

- focal length, EQ. 35 mm.
Further, if a professional camera, you will see a block of information about the lenses of the camera manufacturer and model, flash, and serial number of the camera.