Limit your intake of carbohydrates. Many seek to reduce the fats in your diet, so start eating cereals, sweet fruits and starchy vegetables. But, consuming large amounts of carbohydrates, even if they are contained in wholesome foods, you must spend them on energy. If the cost is less consumption of carbohydrates, they are converted into fat and in the same way are laid on the body over muscles.
Be especially wary of fatty and sweet food, they accumulates unnecessary water in muscles and contribute to the accumulation of fat around them. Eat right, preferring protein-rich foods, e.g., cottage cheese, eggs, chicken, and for making dishes of different flavors use different spices and seasonings.
Cardio exercises are the main helpers in the retracting too big muscles. Do aerobics at least twice a day: in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening, two hours after dinner.
Running, Cycling, walking, well-dried leg muscles. But the secret is to physical load was not large, but long. That is, if you ride a bike, do it at walking pace at least 2-3 hours. As for the walk, the daily two-hour walk in the fresh air will give you the result and give a good mood for new workouts.
Stretching helps make muscles more supple, flexible and less bulky. Do daily stretching exercises of the legs, torso and arms. Also preferred the slow pace and long time – about an hour.
Keep watch over your changes - keep a food diary and workouts. If you notice that the change has stopped and the muscles are the previous volumes, it may be worth it even lower in carbs by a quarter or to increase physical activity. Follow your energy and take vitamins if you feel weak.
Take yoga classes. Static asanas of yoga aimed at increasing body tone, flexibility and strength, and the muscles, on the contrary, become more thin, elastic and strong.