Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. From excessive consumption of pasta, rice or potatoes will produce fat in the body. The reason this type of carbohydrate is digested slowly and gradually moving in the wrong layer. Most of these products, though not fat, but excessive consumption leads to excess glycogen. Hence the problem with excess weight.
Forget about greasy food and pastries! Don't sit on off-season diet all year round. Of course, there are times when you have to eat unhealthy way on the weekends or for birthdays. But don't allow yourself more than 1 time a week!
Eat only healthy food. These foods include: cheese, fish, fillet of chicken, rice etc. of Course, all this can quickly get bored. Because SIM new recipes and dishes. Experiment and always try to do something new from these products. Also, use spices and seasonings. Doing all of this so you don't mention fatty or sweet foods.
Include cardio in your training process. It is particularly useful for drying legs. If you really need to dry muscle, exercise from aerobics 2 times a day: morning fasting and before bedtime. Before the competition you will only need to pedal the bike 1.5 hours per week. Increase the number of training data when entering the competition period.
Practice with the iron hard. Many people make the mistake of lifting light weights working on training and doing many repetitions. Do not in any way! Continue to engage with near maximum weights with correct technique.
Enter your results in a training diary. Write down the amount of food eaten and exercise you have been doing in training. All this will help to make quick analysis and correction, if you do not achieve the objectives for drying of the muscles.