You will need
  • - passport;
  • the money for the down payment (10 p.);
  • - fountain pen.
Choose the most convenient branch of the savings Bank of the Russian Federation. In some cases options may be limited by the list proposed to you in the organization, from which you expect payment (e.g., employment centre). In this case, will have to settle for those that are in the list, which will give you in the appropriate state structure.
Rate, what branch you prefer to visit based on your employment and hours of work, if there is a lot of people usually whether there is an electronic queue, etc., and make a decision according to the situation.
Contact working time to the operator the selected compartment. Notify us of your desire to have the savings account and the purpose for which it is doing. For example, to receive benefits for whatever reason. The operator on the basis of this information offers the best banking service.
The fee for such accounts, the Bank does not take, by contrast, charges a percentage, albeit symbolic, to balance them at year-end.
Read and sign all required fields, complete the documents that you will be given a teller. Give him the completed set, together with the passport.
Mandatory conditions for opening savings account - minimum fee tied her Bank account. He is 10 R. if you wish you can make more - as long as you want.
State out loud the amount of the minimum fee that would make.
In most cases, money will be the teller but in some offices can send you to the cashier. In this case, the operator needs to do in the savings Bank mark about the first installment and give it to you. The cashier give you a passport, passbook and money for a down payment. Get your documents back along with the receipt.
When you receive a passbook, take the operator details of the branch. They need, if the owner is open to social benefits. Your account number is listed on the cover page of passbook. Usually from the appropriate government Agency you will be required its a photocopy or the original, which will make a copy for yourself.