You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the contract of Bank product (Deposit, account or credit - depending on the situation);
  • statement free form or in the form of the Bank.
Identification in the system "Sberbank Online", if you are a user.
Open the menu application and select the version of the statement on issue of the duplicate passbook, fill it out and pass on execution to the Bank.
If you wish, write a statement about issuance of duplicate passbook in any form. Enter the name and number of the Bank branch, which was opened passbook, the surname, a name, a patronymic, passport details and residential address, banking product, which is tied to a savings account, the output of the contract provision of banking services, the name of the Deposit, account or credit, the request to restore the savings account and the reason (in connection with the loss or reduction in disrepair) and sign it. However, the statement you can write directly in the Bank, so this step can be skipped.
Visit the Bank with your passport and the agreement relating to Bank product saving account at which you need to recover.
Tell the operator about his desire to get a duplicate passbook by reason of loss or damage of the original.
Show the teller your passport and the contract.
Write an application in any form or proposed by the representative form if you did not submit it through the "Sberbank Online", and not written before the visit to the Bank.
Pay service on tariffs of the Bank directly to the teller or to the cashier of the Department.
You will receive a duplicate passbook.